HARO BMX中国车队上海之旅

HARO BMX中国车队@HARO-中国 首次旅行的目的地是中国的心脏-上海,车手郑乔鸿(台北)、张智勇(深圳)、黄雯婷(成都)、赵崇御(沈阳)、康世懿(乌鲁木齐)、韦力夫(南宁)、刘海纳(沈阳)参与这次为期八天的拍摄,拍摄地点以新江湾城SMP极限运动场地和浦东The Place极限运动场地为主,拍摄期间队员们及摄像师(梁乐民)不断探索新的街道骑乘地点,一切都顺利进行。通过BMX车手们的角度再次欣赏上海,你会发现常人看不到的毅力与勇气及BMX运动的魅力。非常高兴我们成功结束第一次车队旅行,大家都完成自己想挑战的地形和动作,感谢Skullcandy、Oakley等所有的支持!拍摄及制作梁乐民
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This is the first time that HARO BMX China team riders got squad together and shacked up deep in the heart of China one week-Shanghai Tour. Our team riders are Cheng Chiaohung (Taipei), Zhang Zhiyong (Shenzhen), Huang Wenting (Chengdu), Zhao Chongyu (Shenyang), Kang Shiyi( Urumqi), Wei Lifu (Nanning), Liu Haina (Shenyang). The lensman Liang Lemin and our team riders clocked some serious hammers and got some wonderful lines at SMP and The Place skatepark, etc. BMX riders will show you another Shanghai through theirs special insights. Their courages and will powers will let you know more about BMX freestyle. This is what BMX in China is all about. Everything was perfect, nobody injured. Thanks Skullcandy, Oakley, etc for the support! Film & Edit by Taj Liang.
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